UltraSlim Body Sculpting

Unlike Lipo-Light, CoolSculpting, and LaserLipo, UltraSlim Body Sculpting doesn’t have to make contact with your skin for it to work. UltraSlim Body Sculpting sits above you, which means we can treat a much larger area. UltraSlim Body Sculpting also helpts to tighten the skin that is being treated. Want to learn more about the UltraSlim Body Sculpting procedure? Check out our video here.

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($600 Value)

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"UltraSlim was wonderful. It was relaxing and I lost inches at the same time. The technician was informative and a pleasure to deal with. She provided dietary pointers that I followed and was encouraging throughout my visits. I would highly recommend the UltraSlim." - Cara *

*Individual results may vary.

"I started with 3 UltraSlim treatments back in June 2013 and I couldn’t believe how my belly diminished by the third visit!" -Susie S *

*Individual results may vary.

“The team and technicians at UltraSlim CT were such a pleasure to deal with. I was so surprised at how quickly UltraSlim actually worked. I’ve tried everything. If you are like me, and really want to see the results and fast, you will contact UltraSlim CT to make it happen!” – David *

If you’ve tried everything to lose weight, and nothing has worked, then your fat cells have probably entered into a dormant state. This happens to fat that has been stored in the body for a long period of time. UltraSlim Body Sculpting treatments are designed to assist in the removal of dormant fat deposits frpm your waist, arms, hips, thighs, or back, without surgery.

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  • Helps to slim and tighten
  • Does not make contact with your skin
  • Treats a much larger area

The UltraSlim Body Sculpting program is a 3 part system that is designed to help remove stubborn fat deposits.

  • UltraSlim red and infrared L.E.D treatments to assist in removing fat from your cells.
  • Amethyst biomat treatments to jumpstart the lymphatic system, and wisk the just released fat away from your fat cells, before it has a chance to reabsorb.
  • Whole body vibration sessions to burn the just released fat out of your body

All 3 technologies are included in your UltraSlim treatment at no additional charge.

UltraSlim Body Sculpting treatments also help to tighten skin around areas being treated. Call us today if you have problem areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.


"I would recommend UltraSlim to anyone that wants to lose inches-and who doesn’t?" - Donna T *

"UltraSlim was incredible! To be able to lose inches without diet and exercise and relax while getting it done, was simply a dream come true! I highly recommend it, UltraSlim works!” – Marsha *

*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed

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